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>The Down Side of Following God


For 21 years I’ve been on staff with Family Life Ministries in NY. Now we are following the Lord’s leading to Midland Ministries in St. Joseph, Mo…the only “thing” holding us back is the sale of our house (yeah, you can pray if you haven’t!)

Family Life is a wonderful ministry…and therefore this parting is bittersweet.

I especially will miss, though, the Bible quizzers that I’ve had the privilege of working with for the past couple decades.

The photos are part of our last Nationals trip together last month. Thankfully I’ll be able to see some of these students annually as Midland also participates in the Bible Quiz Fellowship ( which facilitates the National Tournament.

In fact, part of my “job description” is writing a manual on our style of quizzing; and helping existing geographical areas grow and helping start new programs.

If you can, pray that the transition to new (if, perhaps interim) leadership for the quiz program in NY goes smoothly and in such a way that the quiz program not only survives, but thrives.

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