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>Bible Quiz Regional Photos

>Last weekend Midland hosted a Regional Bible Quiz tournament…here are some shots:

I was privileged to challenge the students Friday night ad Saturday morning:

Quizzers glue to the quizmaster’s mouth…hoping to “see” the question before they hear it:

After more than three decades, it is still an honor and a joy to quizmaster and watch the teens compete

Seated on electronic pads, quizzers are poised to jump to their feet, causing (hopefully) the quizmaster to stop instantly and acknowledge the quizzer, who then has 20 seconds to provide the right question and answer…at this level of competition it is rare to get the first word out before they jump

Though a bit stressful, the quizmaster and other table officials have the “easy” job; the intense focus of the quizzers reveal who has the tougher duty!

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