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>Only Last Week?????

>Nationals 2011 seems so long ago, but it was only one week ago tonight that I was preparing to quizmaster the first of the championship quizzes. No stress at all! (yeah, right)….the photo shows me explaining something (I’m sure it was incredibly important) to the audience before that first quiz began:

For your general info, I’ve started a blog dealing with Bible quizzing that you are invited to examine, follow, ask questions, comment, etc…to go to it CLICK HERE

Even as I enjoy precious time with family (Josiah and Joel arrive this evening), I, like most of those attending the tournament, am still in post-nationals-withdrawal. The three intense days are so filled with great fellowship, tense competition, victories, temporal defeats, and a tad of frustration…it’s sort of like combat…or prison…if you ain’t been there, no way will you fully understand…

And what a joy, privilege, and responsibility it is to be involved in Bible quizzing!

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