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Who Is Jack?

Jack Hager brings a diverse background to the many schools, rallies, camps, prisons and churches he
speaks in throughout the year.

Born into a military family, Jack traveled extensively during his childhood and youth. Graduating from high school in California, Jack forsook scholarships and enlisted in the Army for four years. Following tours of duty in Korea, Germany, and Vietnam, Jack was honorably discharged.

Disenchanted and heavily involved in alcohol and other drugs, Jack spent the next few months wandering in the Marshall and Hawaiian Islands. Returning to the West Coast he began a short career of criminal activity.

The “party” ended with arrest in 1973, followed by a prison sentence. Shortly after incarceration, Jack
read a book and for the first time in his 26-years was confronted with the claims of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Responding to the Gospel, Jack committed his life to Christ in 1974.

Parole was followed by schooling at Christ Unlimited Bible Institute in Kansas City, where Jack was
elected class president. Upon graduation Jack served as a Staff Evangelist with Kansas City Youth For
Christ. Several years of almost constant travel followed, including well over 1,400 school assembly
programs challenging young people to think about choices and the results of those choices. The theme of his school program is personal responsibility. He considers “It’s not my fault” to be an obscenity.


Jack has preached in over 200 prisons and jails, and speaks at 5 – 7 youth and family camps each
summer. He supply preaches, and does special meetings for from 3 to 7 days. He has been interviewed
on scores of radio and television programs, and has spoken for numerous service organizations and
several high school commencements and baccalaureates. He also has conducted numerous seminars on topics such as Bible study, evangelism, and discipleship.


Jack was on staff of Kansas City Youth For Christ from 1978 to 1986; and then with Headwaters Christian
Youth in Rhinelander, Wi from 1986 to 1988.

Beginning in 1988 Jack served as Ministry Liaison for Family Life Ministries in Bath, New York. He hosted
a live, call-in radio program over the Family Life Network for eight years, and served as a researcher for
the Network. At Family Life he directed the Bible Quizzing program, edited a bimonthly newspaper, “The
Family Life Journal,” with a host of other duties. Over the years Jack has made time to interim-pastor at
four churches, one for 18 months, two for a year, and one for seven months.  Additionally, he helped birth
a church and was its teaching elder until a full-time pastor was called.

Jack has served as “Ministry Liaison” with Advance Ministries, headquartered in Missouri since July of
2008. He has served as a volunteer chaplain at the Western Correctional Facility, St Joseph and
Crossroads Prison in Cameron. He has traveled with Bill Glass “Behind the Walls” ministry.


In June of 2023 Jack was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and kidney disease. This limits travel, and
has caused him to readjust some aspects of the ministry. As he says, “God remains good, ALL the time.”
Jack is married to Jane, and they have three sons and one daughter. The youngest two children were
adopted at birth. Army brat, alcoholic, drug user, dealer, vet, ex-con…all these and more have been
descriptive of Jack Hager; but the one that is current, and the one he prefers, is “new creation in Christ.”

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