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Why Fight Homosexual 'Marriage'?

I recognize that I may lose friends over this post. I possibly will lose ministry partners.

But I can't be silent.

Many on the left, in response to the SCOTUS tossing back to the States the abortion issue, are screaming that "we" will now come against "gay marriage" and try to revoke that 'right.'

I hope they are wrong.

"Boo, hiss, burn Jack at the stake," I hear from some.

Hear me out, please.

Way back in the day when conservatives and Christians (the two terms are NOT synonomous) were fighting the DOMA war (if that's foreign to you, google it); I've no idea how many milllions of dollars were raised (begged?) and (hopefully) used in an effort to stop the legalization of marriage between two men or two women.

Is homosexual activity (as opposed to temptation) sin? Absolutely. From that foundational truth it is obvious 'marriage' between two members of the same sex is wrong.

But...and this is, to me, key...we do NOT live in a theocracy; we do not live in a "Christian" nation. We live in a republic that has proclaimed freedom of religion (as opposed to freedom of Christianity). And a nation whose constitution dictates freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

I believe that Americans are free. Free to do things I wouldn't do. Free to do things that our Lord does not want them to do.

And I tremble when I think how much money, time, and effort were wasted in the fight against the legalization of a piece of paper issued by the state. During that time how many missionaries had to return from the field due to lack of funds; how many wanna-be missionaries weren't able to go because they couldn't raise support? How many orphans suffered because money that would have gone to them went to the "fight against 'gay' marriage?

The list goes on....

So as for me and my house; I won't give a dime to a "anti-gay marriage" group; regardless of how tearjerking or anger-provoking their fundraisers are. I will not sign a petition against gay marriage. I certainly won't put on a bumper sticker or put up a poster decrying the legalization of gay marriage.

At the end of the day my duty...not because I've been called to vocational ministry; but because I am a follower of not to delegalize or legalize duty, privilege and responsibility is to try to tell others the gospel, pray the Spirit of God brings them to salvation, and then to help them 2 Timothy 3.18. Part of that process (and only a part) is to teach them and show them from God's Word that homosexual sex is not only "wrong," it is sin. (as is premarital sex, extramartial sex, sex with a dog).

bAnd I'll invest my money, time, and talent into people and programs that are loudly proclaiming, modeling, living the gospel and stressing what they are for as opposed to what they are against.

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