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Where I’ve Been…

So how come I’ve not published in so long?

I’ve posted on facebook but not here.

No single reason.

Part of me tires of the constant bickering whenever anyone shares an opinion about…well…anything or anyone.

Another part wonders if it is worth the time.

And…yeah…there is that laziness thing.

Obviously trying to figure out how to navigate the several weeks of “lock-down.” Wondering, and still wondering, about what my summer will look like as far as camp speaking and travel go.

Wondering what “normal” will look like…and when.

And wondering (as opposed to worrying) about the upcoming fall season.

But in the midst of it all I continue to read, pray, connect (within the limitations).

And I try…try…to rest in the sure fact of God’s sovereignty in all things.

So that’s where I’ve been..and still am.

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