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Tuesday Throwback Tune -Cheesy Variety

Some of you are aware that Ray Boltz, who recorded many, many hit songs back in the day, was perhaps the first artist who claimed to be Christian to “come out” as a homosexual (and left his wife and children). Read about it here.

I met and spoke with him a few times when I was on Family Life Network/Ministry staff. I was…and am…stunned by his surrender to homosexuality.

But what to do with his songs/videos?

Obviously (I hope) I do not endorse his lifestyle. Homosexual behavior is sin (as is premarital sex, extramarital sex, etc). Oh…and gluttony…and gossip…

But I still read the Psalms; and David was an adulterer and murderer (yes, and, praise God; a repentant one…an avenue that is still open to Boltz).

So with that caveat I urge you to get a slice of bread…because this is pretty cheesy…but I love the song and I think the possibility is more a probability that some American Christians will have the opportunity for martyrdom…as happens all over the world now.

So here is “I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb”:

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