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>That Narnia Guy Was One Smart Dude!


I have a standard phrase – “I hate money, and I hate music; because no matter what you do, you are wrong.”

Keep in mind that for thirty years I’ve been “on support,” meaning no source of income other than those people who see value in the ministry the Lord has called me to and come alongside in prayer and finance. Also, for twenty years I’ve been on staff of a ministry that has a radio network. So the “standard phrase” was birthed out of hard-bought experience.

Of course music is a tad controversial within the framework of the local church, and Christianity-at-large.

Here’s a brief but powerful observation from one of our favorite authors (and thus written over fifty years ago):

“The first and most solid conclusion which (for me) emerges is that both musical parties, the High Brows and the Low, assume far too easily the spiritual value of the music they want. Neither the greatest excellence of a trained performance from the choir, nor the heartiest and most enthusiastic bellowing from the pews, must be taken to signify that any specifically religious activity is going on. It may be so, or it may not.”

(Clive Staples) C. S. Lewis

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