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Prisoned from Prison

It has been almost five months since I’ve been been behind the walls.

More importantly, it has been at least that long since any of the offenders have had a visit.

Because I’m an official volunteer chaplain, I am not allowed to write or receive any communication from the inmates. The rule stinks, but it is the rule.

So I spend a bit of time almost daily watching Zach Williams videos…because he recorded inside a prison and the cameraman caught crowd shots as well as focusing on the band.

It both helps and makes me sadder that I can’t go in…and there is no light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

I would not have to raise more support (I serve as a home missionary) if I had ten bucks for every time someone said, “Jack, why do you keep going into prisons. I mean, I am sure some of those crooks are real, but aren’t there a lot of phonies who come to chapel in prison?”

Though my flesh may want to proceed in another direction, my standard reply is, “Of course there are phonies in prison chapel…why should prison church be any different that your church?”

You’ve probably never been to church behind the walls.

Here’s a sort-of visit.

I urge you to watch the whole thing…it gives a taste…

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