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Prayers, Please…

Most readers know that for several years I have had seasonal depression…not “eat a bullet” “jump off a bridge” level, but disheartening, difficult, draining, and more.

When people ask me what it is like, the only thing I think of is “fog.” Being in a thick, oppressing fog, hard to move, hard to motivate, hard to manage.

Then a few weeks ago I “stumbled” (which, being interpreted, means God provided) a song/video that amazingly accurately portrays what it feels like…to me.

I’ve shared it with a lot of people; and more than a few have nodded, through tears, agreeing that Andrew Peterson nails it.

Here’s the video…if you watch it, watch it all the way or you lose the significance:

Now, the prayer request…

Late September, early October is the time I slip into the fog. I have been increasingly proactive in making plans to overcome and stomp the fog…and I ask you to pray with me that this affliction be gone…forever.

I’ve got a team of seven dear friends who have taken a day of the week to particularly pray for me…and to check in with me via text/call/whatever. I am so grateful for them. Of course I also have my best friend, helpmate, bride Jane to pray and kick me in the butt when needed.

I’ve joined a gym (?). I volunteer weekly at the library bookstore. God has opened the door for me to be the only civilian attending a morning Bible study for law enforcement officers. I open our Midland center early morning on Thursdays for youth workers/pastors and others to gather for fellowship and prayer.

I am more than cautiously optimistic that the Lord has guided me into a aggressive, attack mode on this illness.

But that is not enough…it needs to be laced with prayer.

And thus I ask you to pray for me specifically in this matter.

I want to finish well (hopefully not soon :). I want to redeem the precious gift of time the Lord has provided.

Thank you for reading; thank you for praying.

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