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Pray - Why Bother?

Don't grab the tar and feathers...yet.

But I've been pondering prayer for the last few days.

Frankly, prayer makes no (human) sense to me. If God is sovereign (and if He isn't I'll jump off a bridge); if God will fulfill His purposes for me; if God causes ALL things to work together for good for the minority...why pray?

I've read and heard several unsatisfying answers.

But I continue to pray. Why? Because God's Word commands me to so do; and because Jesus did.

But...I have issues and questions.

Issue - the word 'just'. As in, "Lord, we just pray," etc. Just? We "just" come into the presence of the mighty God expecting Him to hear us? We "just" cast all our cares on Him, because - amazingly - He cares for us? I know for most it is an unconscious filler word, but everytime I hear it I hear chalk scraping across a chalkboard.

Issue - why do I all too often make prayer the last resort rather than the first?

Question - how does God answer prayer? Is there anything that influences Him (other than His plan)? Meaning I/we frequently ask others to pray for us and/or for situations. (and I shall continue to so do). I have over 400 precious friends/supporters who are on my "prayer needed" email list. (If you'd like to receive it - let me know And I deeply, deeply appreciate those who pray for us.

But does the "number" of pray-ers matter? I have a hard time visualizing our Father thinking, "Well, if Jack can just get 500 people praying I'll answer?

In one sense those are stupid questions, I guess. But I still think about it...

I close with two of my favorite quotes regarding prayer:

"Prayer is rebellion against the status quo."

"Pray like it's all up to God; work like it's all up to you."

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