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Just What You Need –

Yeah, right…just what you, reader, need…

Another political commentary.

It will be brief. It will be controversial. It is truth.

Just as I thought four years ago, I can understand anyone being against Trump; I simply can’t wrap my head around anyone being for Biden (or Hillary).

And I really get perplexed at some friends/acquaintances who are actively supporting and promoting Biden and crew – and agenda – while at the same time professing to be Christians.

Please understand – I do not think it is impossible for a genuine Christian to be a Democrat, or to support Biden. We are saved purely by grace through faith; not based on our political convictions.

That said…and here comes the statement that will cost me…with only one exception every professing Christian I know who are “for” Biden are also okay with homosexual and other deviant sexual behavior.

One, in fact, triumphantly came out of the closet as bisexual a few months ago; apparently with the blessing of his (female) wife.

This is a limited observation; about 15 of my “friends” fall (perhaps the right word) into this category.

There are other characteristics of this group – pro BLM (the organization); pro tear the statues down; okay with abortion, and all fall into the massive group of people of all stripes who haven’t learned one of the most important lessons – “here ain’t no free lunch.”

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