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Cross Controversy...

A million years ago (well, 1978) a roommate gave me an artwork he had made by taking barnwood, applying a poster that he had customized, and adding a protectant.

I loved it then, I love it now. It has always hung in my various offices.

In 1978 I was attending Bible school and was on staff of Kansas City Youth For Christ. I even had an office..and, yeah, the artwork was hung on the wall.

One day a senior staffer entered my office and said something like, "What in the world is that doing on your wall??? Christ is alive!!!"

"Yeah, I know that."

"Then why have that disgusting thing???"

"Because I need to be reminded regularly of what the Lord Jesus did for me...and for you."

"I still think it needs to come down."

Thankfully he wasn't that senior.

So it hung until I moved.

It has moved with me several times.

I've taken it off the wall to use as an illustration in some sermons.

I still love it.

And I still am vastly grateful that "He who knew no sin became sin for us" and that He took what I deserve so that I could have what I do not deserve - forgiveness, salvation, adoption etc.

And if I didn't dislike necklaces I'd wear a crucifix around my neck.

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