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Jesus' Dumb Question

It seems dumb.

But Jesus never wasted words, so there must be "more to the story."

In the latter part of Luke 18 we find a blind man sitting by the roadside begging.

(Depending on your age, that may immediately bring this, ah, 'classic,' to your mind:

He hears a crowd going by, asks who is passing, learns it is Jesus, and cries out...repeatedly...even after being told to shut up by (I think) James, John, and Peter; "Lord, have mercy on me."

Two beautiful words come in verse 40..."Jesus stopped." The Lord is enroute to Jerusalem to fulfill His mission, but He stops for one blind guy. Just as He stops to listen to our prayers!

The blind guy is brought to Jesus (I think, again, by James, John, and Peter...griping as they so do).

And Jesus asks, "What do you want Me to do for you?"


Well, not duh.

Yes, I know Jesus was sovereign then as he is sovereign now. He knew what the guy wanted. But He still asked...for our sake more than the blind fellow.

Because sometime we don't feel we can ask Jesus for the impossible.

Blinded eyes can't be restored (we think, therefore we don't ask).

Perhaps the blind man would respond, "Lord, please help me deal with my blindness," instead of HEAL ME!

But, bottom line, you don't need supernatural help to "deal" with stuff. You can gut it out.

But you can't heal blinded eyes.

Jesus can!

Will He?

That's up to Him.

But, as James reminds, you have not for you ask not.

It wasn't a stupid question.

It was a question.

And perhaps Jesus is asking you that question right now.

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