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I Hate Alcohol, But...

As an alcoholic I detest booze.

I wish the Bible forbad drinking beer, wine, vodka, etc.

It does not.

The Word of God condemns drunkenness, but I do not believe Jesus turned the water into "freshly squeezed grape juice" as some commentators atest.

I wish those followers of Christ who do choose to drink in moderation would not publicize it all over social media, sometimes in an apparent "see, I'm mature and cool enough in Christ to do this."

Thought about all this, again, as I sat with a group of professing Christian men around a table.

A notable pastor in the area had died recently, and the guys were discussing him.

Then one of the men dropped the bomb:

"I used to have a lot of respect for him, but then one day I saw him drinking wine in a restaurant..."

Man, I'm glad this guy didn't overhear me when I stubbed my toe the other morning!

I hope he didn't hear me blasting the Beatles on my car radio!

Gasp...maybe he saw me and my wife going in the theater to see "TOP GUN Maverick"!

Legalism is deadly. Legalism destroys. Legalism is dumb.


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