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I Do NOT Recommend This "Diet"!!!

A couple months ago a routine blood work led to the discovery of kidney disease which revealed also that I had the blood cancer "multiple myeloma."God remains good; all the time.

I may have cancer; cancer does not have me. Right now the kidneys are "technically" stage four, but my doc says the number they are most concerned about is slowly...very slowly...climbing (which is good).

The only side-effects of the chemo (twice weekly shots in the belly; every day chemo pill) is a bit of fatigue, an incredibly dry mouth, and a "new" diet!

How does the diet work? Most food...almost all food tastes weird and/or awful. I have to force myself to eat; and now try to eat something every few hours because it is hard to finish a whole meal at one sitting.

The docs have ordered me to drink an Ensure-like drink daily...and to eat more often.

I started the chemo weighing about 185; I'm down to 167 at latest...not horrible, but not good...and a stop must be made.

I'm not whining..the "all" in Romans 8.28 means "all." And I could be having much much worse side effects.

But it is weird...I can not eat chicken (maybe fried, but not baked or any other way.

My bride makes a special salad that salad that used to be my favorite...I can not stomach it now.

The dry mouth thing is a nuisance. If you ever call me and I sound drunk....I promise I'm not; it's the lips sticking together in the dryness.

Okay...maybe I am whining. And I know the Lord can turn water into wine; but He won't turn whining into anything!

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