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>Couraged or Discouraged?


Ah, the joys of moving. As most know, we have been called from Family Life Ministries in New York to Midland Ministries in Saint Joseph, Missouri.

The big hurdle is the sale of our house here in Bath, NY. It has been on the market a while, and we have no tangible bites…yet. There is a “prayer-ability” (as opposed to possibility!) of a friend purchasing it if the Lord provides a bit more funding. We have an open house scheduled for this Sunday from 1 to 3 PM.

I am confident of God’s call and direction; thus it is sin for me to worry about the sale. “If you pray, why worry; if you worry, why pray?” But though I’m redeemed, I am still human; and though I know God is bigger than the economy, I’m a bit perplexed.

But “our times are in His hands.” He has promised to meet “all our needs” and He can move the hearts of kings, thus He can move the hearts of buyers. I know all that and more in my head; but sometimes my heart rears up and cries, “How much longer, Lord?”

The fact is that after taking 28 teens and 14 adults to Minneapolis for the National Bible Quiz tournament April 21-27 I will take a few weeks to finalize my duties at Family Life. It would be ideal to make the move following that…but…first…the house must sell.

It takes clouds, rain, and sun to set the stage for a rainbow.

So, swallowing hard, trying not to grit my teeth, I fix my eyes on Jesus, “the author and pioneer of our faith” and, while begging Him to provide the buyer; at the same time I thank Him for doing just that.

And, as I “wait on the Lord” I shall strive to redeem the time, do my duties as unto Him, rejoice in my salvation, family, friends, and calling…and will draw on His Spirit to encourage (“courage”) my heart.

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