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An Every Day Prayer

Chris Fabry’s At the Corner of Mundane and Grace is not a new book; but it remains a fabulous book that I highly recommend. This is taken from it:


     Lord, lift my eyes today from the stuff of earth. Help me see the sun, and if there are clouds, help me see them, too.

     Take away my unending desire to know exactly what your will is for my entire life, and give me an unquenchable thirst to know only You today.

     When I’m in an argument with friend or foe, deliver me from the need to always be right. Give me instead a desire to love.

     Deliver me from the need of things to make me happy.

     Except for that new printer.

     Okay, deliver me from the printer, too.

     When I’m looking for my keys or a parking place today, Lord, I pray you will give me patience instead.

     And then I pray You will reward my patience with a really close parking space.

     Make me a servant. Deepen my understanding of your love and let my service respond sincerely, not from a sense of duty.

     Give me willingness to at least attempt being content with my circumstances.

     Lord, deliver me from the need to keep score.

     Show me someone who needs a smile today. Help me give it without reserve.

     When someone cuts me off in traffic, give me the grace to remember when I did the same, stupid thing.

     Open my eyes to see what You see.

     Open my ears to hear what You hear.

     Deliver me from the island of me.

     You who spoke the universe into being, who set the stars in their courses, who formed my DNA, don’t just give me a spiritual bypass. Create in me a new heart, a clean heart, a willing heart.

     Open my nasal passages and help me smell the newly cut grass and the fresh, clean scent of my little girl’s hair.

     You, who touched the tongue of the dumb, loosen my tongue to speak Your praises.

     Give me a heart of thanks for fallen leaves, flat tires, wet sneezes, phlegm, and tooth decay, for these things make me long for heaven.

     Show me souls today, not just faces.

     Show me hurts today, not just anger.

     Give tears for dry eyes.

     Change the drudgery into work fit for a King’s son.

     Strip me of pride, sloth, and envy.

     Clothe me with humility and vigor, and help me find a good antonym for “envy.”

     Lord, I look at my child opening a bag of candy. I see the anticipation and expectancy and want this same spirit when I think about You.

     Give me a renewed desire for your Word.

     If a storm should come, give peace.

     If doubt should come, give hope.

     If a couple of Jehovah’s Witnesses should come, help me not to hide inside the house until they leave. Help me show them a kindness and love they have never experienced.

     Most of all, Lord, in every moment of this day, help me see Jesus.     Amen.

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