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>An End and A Start


So…it has come to this…I’ve (finally) decided to leave xanga-land. It was a good ride, but the number of riders lessened significantly over the past several months…and, now that I’ve also been converted to facebook, and now that a major change looms…the time is right to join the blogger community.

Herein I hope to continue the variety of things I posted to xanga – quotations I come across in my reading; recommended books; news items I deem significant; probably some preaching from time to time; and prayer concerns as well as needs.

We shall see what unfolds.

For two decades I have served with Family Life Ministries/Network in New York; and recently the Lord prompted me to resign and to join the staff of Midland Ministries in Saint Joseph, Mo. In a sense this is a go-home-trip; as my wife and I met in Kansas City when I was on staff with Kansas City Youth For Christ and Jane was a Bible school student.

The plan is to make the move in early May as I conclude my responsibilities as Bible Quiz director here culminating in the Bible Quiz Fellowship National tournament in Minneapolis, Minnesota in late April.

That’s the plan. But we serve a God who has big sleeves…and occasionally has a trick or two up them! Oh, the photo is ofthe two women in my life – my wife Jane (who flew to Kansas City today to look over Saint Joseph and for houses – please PRAY we sell our New York home FAST) and our daughter Janelle.

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