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Most who stop by here are aware that after 21 years serving with Family Life Network in New York we’ve accepted a position with Midland Ministries in Saint Joseph, Mo. I “officially” changed positions July 1, but we are still in New York as the housing market is not exactly booming; but after almost ten months a buyer has been provided.

We received the purchase offer last week, and the house inspection took place this Wednesday morning and it looks like all is a “go.” Our realtor put up the “Sale Pending” sign after the inspection. A very welcome sight! Appraisal probably next week, and since this is NY the wheels of the system don’t exactly zoom; but the buyer would like to be in soon, we’d like to be in Missouri soon…so we shall see.

Appreciate those of you who have prayed; and ask continued prayer for this sale to go smoothly, and for us to find a house-to-make-a-home in a timely fashion!

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