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  • Jack Hager

>We Are All – to include the President-Elect – Complicit in Murder

>Friday I watched a young woman sentenced to prison for the murder of her new-born son. She will do a minimum of a dozen years.

Should she do time? Of course.

But are we not all complicit in her horrendous action?

Had she (allegedly) murdered her child a few hours before birth, or any time in the preceeding nine months, she would be enjoying freedom.

Instead, for whatever perverse reasons, she (allegedly) delivered the child at home and, rather than sticking a needle in his neck and collapsing his head, she (alledgedly) suffocated the child.

Is there a genuine difference between this and partial-birth-abortion that is promoted by the president elect?


And, somehow, may God have mercy, if not on America, on the tens of millions of additional babies who will be slaughtered unless God changes Obama’s heart on this issue.

May we all pray and fast to this end. And may we recommit ourselves to praying, fasting, and acting to somehow stop the slaughter.

I have to go; I have an opportunity to visit the mother before she is shipped to prison.

UPDATE I was able to visit Tamara, she professes and seems to be genuinely converted. Tried to share the reality of prison versus the stereotypes; and prayed with her.

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