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>Thoughts While Recuperating


So last week I get clobbered by a slingshotted waterballoon and am ordered (after E.R. and specialist) to lay low. Tomorrow, Monday, I go in for a check up to get prognosis. On four different eyedrop medications; swelling is down, skin is going through a rainbow of colors, zippo pain.

I do not do well doing nothing. I usually jog, ride bike, or whatever each day…and am not supposed to walk much less anything else for a while. Thankfully I can read, and I’ve been doing that; and television is okay, though a bit blurry.

But I admit I’m antsy. Looking forward to a trip to Tennessee Tuesday, returning Sunday and leaving Monday for two weeks of camp ministry in Alma, Nebraska. All of this, of course, contingent on a good report from doc tomorrow.

My seven-year-old asks, “Why, why you, Dad?” I tell him it’s an accident, and yet I also am convinced of God’s sovereignty. I’m very thankful it hit me and not my “passenger” Jessica. But why did God allow it to clobber anyone?

Beats me. I said I know God is sovereign, but I don’t “get” it. I believe in the truth of Romans 8.28, but I can’t perceive the good.

What if the catscan reveals a tumor that otherwise would have gone undiagnosed? What if leaving camp early somehow allowed someone to hear the gospel in a different way and thus come to salvation?

What if…what if…what if….

“Chill, Jack” is what I hear God whisper. “As you so often say, Jack, ‘don’t let what you don’t know mess up what (Who) you do know.'”

Okay, Lord, I’ll chill. I’ll trust. I’ll understand this injury is so mickey mouse compared to what so many are going through…but I confess I still grit my teeth a bit…

I will “Be still, and know that (You) are God.” I won’t pester You with the “what ifs” or the “whys.”

And it will be a cold day in the lower regions before I take part in a slingshotted water balloon game involving live targets!

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