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>Me Stupid!

>So I went to sleep well after midnight last night; woke up at 4:00 am, couldn’t get back to sleep; read the Word for a while, revamped a sermon for the closing session of camp; tried to sleep, couldn’t, got up, went for a jog, and enjoyed the day.

After camp closed I drove into Phillipsburg, Ks (where Jane and I lived for the first 2 1/2 years of our marriage) and enjoyed pizza with an old friend.

At around 9:00 pm I began trying to stuff my newsletter. I type “try” because the envelopes, which Jane and the kids had labeled and stuffed with return envelopes a couple weeks ago, had gotten too warm and were sticking shut…and I was growing a tad frustrated (okay, more than a tad) having to slow down and try to carefully open the envelope so I could get my newsletter in it.

Does it appear to you that I forgot something?


I had spent a whole session telling the students that it was clearly God’s will that we “pray without ceasing,” and that we “cast all our cares on Him.”

Now here I was steaming instead of praying…

But God, But God, But God…had mercy and reminded me that I ought to pray; I did, and, amazing coincidence…the envelopes are easy to open…now.

Me stupid.

God is gracious.

I am loved.

Even in my stupidity. Even in my tiredness. Even in my missing my family.

And, yeah, so are you!

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