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>Lessons Learned – Part Two


It’s been a problem for Christians throughout history. But the advent of electronic media, the lessening of parental involvement, and the acceptance by society as a whole of things unheard of a few years ago makes it an even larger negative influence on teenagers today.

It’s not “just” sleeping around…it’s homosexuality and bisexuality…and it is just as evident in the Bible belt as it is in the inner city.

Parents…get involved when your kids are four and five years old…youth pastors…risk getting fired, talk about the subject often!

Anyone over twenty or so…it is a different world.

One of the things that infuriates me is too many Christians let the world make our standards…re movie ratings. And it disgusts me that parents boast they never let their children see “R” rated movies; but allow them to see all the PG 13 filth there is…if you know anything of the “plots” and the scenes, you’d probably let your kids watch 100 “R” movies rather than 1 “pg 13”.

So how can a teen (or an adult single) in the 2010’s maintain a commitment to purity…one way only…never be alone with another single. Never. Never. Never.

Don’t “oh, but Jack” me. It is the only way to be certain you don’t cave into flesh fed by our decadent culture.

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