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>Iraq or American Campus?


Quick…how many school shootings have there been this week? I won’t type the answer, because it may not be accurate by the dawns early light. “In the last days, difficult times will come…”

Why the surge in campus shootings? In some cases it’s almost “suicide by cop,” except the perpetrators blow themselves away after attempting…and all too often succeeding…in taking others with them.

Though I don’t have too many initials after my name, and thus am assured that no one is going to call me to ask my opinion…I’ll type it here anyway…

I think a major contributing factor to such things as campus shootings is Roe v Wade. If my government (and my peers, the actors/musicians I idolize, in too many cases the “reverends” I listen to at church, and, sadly, my parents) says it is okay to terminate a babies life; then it is not a leap to say it is certainly okay for me to end my life…and, if I feel like it, if it’s convenient, if you are causing me a problem, it’s got to be okay for me to take your life.

No, I don’t think too many people consciously use the above “reasoning,” but the ingrained “it’s my body” argument of the prochoice folks translates to “it’s my right” and becomes “I’m right, you’re wrong” and can morph into, “I’m right, you’re dead.”

Think I’m crazy? Spend some time researching things like murder, suicide, random shootings etc. Try to find out how many such events happened in, say, 1972…and then chart the numbers from the horrific Supreme Court decision of 1973.

Oh, yes, abortion directly has slaughtered millions. But the indirect consequences add horrific numbers…

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