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>Important Things I’ve Learned

>Wednesday and Thursday I preached at the Steuben County Jail, the first night to four groups of male inmates, the second to one group of females. The chaplain, Royce Pifer, asked me to speak about the most important things I’ve learned, since this (hopefully) is the last time I’ll speak at this jail as we plan to move in a matter of weeks.

I didn’t have a lot of time, but I came up with these:

1. God is (Ro 1.18-23)

2. Go is God, I am Not, though I often want to be (and thus I am a sinner) Ro 3.23, Isa 53.6

3. God hates my sin Ro 2.5-11

4. God loves me Jo 3.16, Ro 5.8

5. Jesus took the hit Ro 3.23-26

6. I need to man up, fess up, repent and receive the gift Ro 6.23, Ac 20.17-21, Ac 26.15-20

7. I need to pass it on

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