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>Found at the Cross

>Reading a great, great book. I remember years ago there was a book with the title (I think by J. I. Packer), “Lord, I Want to be a Christian.” Great book, but got you some strange looks as other Christians saw you reading a book with that title.

I may get some similar looks if people notice me reading “What is the Gospel?” At the same time, it is tragic that many Christians of all ages cease learning, aren’t willing to admit that some of their most cherished opinions may, in fact, be wrong, and aren’t willing to stretch their minds.

“How can God have mercy on sinners without destroying justice? What can it mean that God forgives iniquity and transgression and sin, yet by no means clears the guilty (Ex. 34:7)? How can a righteous and holy God justify the ungodly (Rom. 4:5)?

The answer to all these questions is found at the cross of Calvary, in Jesus’ substitutionary death for his people. A righteous and holy God can justify the ungodly because in Jesus’ death, mercy and justice were perfectly reconciled. The curse was rightly executed, and we were mercifully saved.”

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