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First, a few transparent statements:

  1. I have yet to get the vaccine; at this point I doubt I will (and I definitely will not until my recently diagnosed DVD (bloodclot) evaporates)

  2. If you get the vaccine, cool with me. If you elect not to get the vaccine, cool with me.

  3. There is no “Christian” answer to the question about vaccines. If you try to tell me that every Christian must get the shot; or every Christian must not get the shot I will lose interest in anything you have to say.

  4. Ditto masks.

That being said, or rather typed, if you are one who is vehemently against the vaccine; that is all good; whether I agree or disagree.

What is not good is if you shout lots of words about “my rights!”

If you are a follower of Christ, you have no rights.

You are a bondservant (slave) of Jesus Christ.

What “rights” does a slave have?


America is not now nor has she (is that offensive? get over it…) ever been a “Christian” nation. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are not inspired by God.

Yes, you have a right to your opinion. Yes, you have a right to express your opinion (at least so far).

But I caution you not to say or type, “It’s my right as an American to refuse…”

Because, again, you have no rights.


End of sentence.

Nothing follows.

The vehement, adamant screamers about either side of the issues remind me of a Petra classic:

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