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Just a reminder...

You are not going to have your sins forgiven, be justified, and ultimately transferred to heaven because:

  • you're a calvinist or arminian

  • you're pretrib/posttrib/midtrib/don't give a trib

  • you're a tongues speaker or one who thinks tongues are not for today

  • you believe in 'eternal security' or that one can lose (or give up) ones salvation

  • you read the king jimmie or the esv or the niv or the csb or...

  • you raise your hands in worship or don't raise your hands in worship

  • you're a republican or a democrat or an independent

  • you like sedate music or you like rockier stuff

  • of your stand on social issues

Sure, more could be added to the above...but...prayerfully you get the point.

So how do you have sins forgiven, gain justification and forgiveness, His time...arrive in heaven? -----

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