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>"Worship" & "Evangelism" Defined

>I really, really, really like the observations, books, and sermons by Mark Batterson. Here is his latest commentary off his blog:

“Can I share a couple of personal definitions? Worship is bragging about God to God. Evangelism is bragging about God to others. In other words, evangelism is a form of worship. We start bragging about who God is and what God has done as we worship Him. And we don’t stop.

I know that a lot of Christians feel subconscious guilt about not sharing their faith enough. That really isn’t the issue. It’s a byproduct of a deeper issue and the issue is this: we don’t love God and love others like we could or should. If you really love someone what you really want for them is a relationship with Christ. And the more you love them the more you want it.”

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