• Jack Hager


An “Opinion” piece was published in USA Today June 29 under the headline:

What closeted LGBTQ youth should know

It was written by Josh Rivera who is the “Opinion NOW” editor for the paper, and a homosexual.

I won’t discuss the merits or lack thereof; but I do want to simply insert a couple clips from it for your thoughtful reading:

“The only choice in this situation is when to face the world with your truth.”

Here’s the other:

“I worry about my community and it pains me to write this, because living your truth shouldn’t place a target on your back.”

Do you see it?

Words matter.

When I read this late last night I shook my head…not at the overall content nor the thesis of the article…but rather something else.

Do you see it?

I’ll just leave this here for now…

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