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Wish I Could Chat With Tozer

I’ve read most of Tozer’s works. I appreciate deeply his written ministry.

I’ve shared much of his stuff, and rejoice that his ministry continues long after his death.

Today a quote came across my feed that, at first read, I simply can’t agree with. But I’m not aware of the context, and I wish I could do a face-to-face with Tozer and ask him to amplify/explain his points.

Here’s the quote:

“The highest expression of the will of God in this age is the church which He purchased with His own blood. To be scripturally valid any religious activity must be part of the church. Let it be clearly stated that there can be no service acceptable to God in this age that does not center in and spring out of the church. Bible schools, tract societies, Christian business men’s committees, seminaries and the many independent groups working at one or another phase of religion need to check themselves reverently and courageously, for they have no true spiritual significance outside of or apart from the church.”

Is he condemning all “parachurch” (oh, how I hate that term) ministries? Or is he simply cautioning them that they should not feel superior to local churches? Or that each staff member needs to be part of a church?

At first blush it, to me, seems to disenfranchise ministries like Billy Graham, the Navigators, Cru, oh…and yeah…the ministries I have served for four decades.

What to you think?

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