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  • Jack Hager

Will You Listen?

Just completed ministering at Chambers Family Camp located near Corning, NY.

It was spectacular in that I saw many, many dear friends most of whom I’ve not seen for decades.

It was draining, not “simply” because of the genuine labor of preaching; but because of many one-on-one conversations.

Well…”conversations”…may not be the appropriate word.

I did a lot…a lot…of listening. Looking into the speaker’s eyes, focusing, and listening.

Conversations of course are confidential…but they dealt with sordid stuff.

Most of the folks expressed deep gratitude to me…and “all” I did was listen.

In a few cases the people said they couldn’t talk to anyone else..but when I shared about my own “stuff” they felt free to talk to me.

I’ve been told by some I am too transparent.

Doesn’t seem possible to me…

God help us to be real…whether we are “lay people” (how I hate that term) or vocational ministers.

I am whipped. I am burdened for these situations that were shared.

And I’m saddened because these folks had to speak to some dummy from Missouri rather than their pastor (though a few people who spoke with me were pastors).

Folks, let’s be the Body…not “only” to lost people, but especially to people of the household of faith.

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