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>Why I Teach/Preach/Write

>I’ve never been comfortable being referred to as an “evangelist.” That’s how Kansas City Youth For Christ labeled me in 1978 as I joined their staff, and it has continued to varying degrees. In New York, and now in Missouri, the ministries that called me to serve with them (Family Life and Midland) gave me the privilege of making up my own title…thus I have been listed as “Ministry Liaison.” No idea what that means, but I’m very good at it!

But I know I don’t have the gift of evangelism, though I evangelize (as should we all). As one of my dearest friends (now with the Lord) said, “You’ve got the gift of kicking-us-in-the-butt.” I prefer to call it exhorting!

But, regardless of how it’s labeled, A. W. Tozer puts into a word-picture my desire:

“You may say, “I believe all that. You surely don’t think you are telling us anything new!” I don’t hope to tell you very much that is new; I only hope to set the table for you, arranging the dishes a little better and a little more attractively so that you will be tempted to partake.” How to Be Filled with the Holy Spirit, pg 12 (an excellent, Biblical book to read about a subject often ignored or twisted into whackiness)

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