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>Who Is the Focus?


I have often stated the premise that if the Holy Spirit is getting more attention than Jesus Christ is in a church, a ministry, an event; something is very wrong. The Spirit’s ministry is to focus attention on Jesus Christ. Please don’t misinterpret this…in no way am I taking away from the magnificence of the Spirit of God, nor His giftings; I am simply stating the biblical fact that the Holy Spirit’s ministry is not to bring the focus to Himself, but to the Son. Just received this from a friend, and it phrases my contention in a different, and probably kinder, way:

“We may not hold a doctrine, or seek an experience, except in Christ. Many are willing to seek power in order to perform miracles, draw attention and adoration of the people to themselves, thus robbing Christ of His glory, and making a fair showing in the flesh.

Any work that exalts the Holy Ghost or ‘gifts’ above Jesus will finally end up in fanaticism. Whatever causes us to exalt and love Jesus is well and safe. The reverse will ruin all. The Holy Ghost is a great light, but focused on Jesus always for His revealing.

Where the Holy Ghost is actually in control, Jesus is proclaimed the Head—the Holy Ghost, His executive.

—Frank Bartleman

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