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Who Cares Who “Wins”?

My oldest son and I are going to the Kansas City/Buffalo football game this Sunday evening.

The Chiefs are slightly favored to win. But the Chiefs defense has been weak.

It should be a great game. Maybe even a “classic.”

And, yeah, since I live here I’d like the Chiefs to win in a close one.

But if the Bills win, I’ll also be happy.

We lived a couple hours south of Buffalo for 21 years; to include the four consecutive years the Bills went to (and lost in) the Super Bowl.

So I’m kinda a Bills fan also. I was contemplating wearing my vintage Bills jacket with a Chiefs cap, but I decided against that.

So I’m hoping for a good game, regardless of what team wins.

The Body of Christ sort of has teams also:

Baptists (in 3,242 varieties, or so it seems); Nazarenes; Assembly of God; Bible Believing Methodists; charismatics (and, alas, charismaniacs); Presbyterians and so many more.

In these increasingly difficult days; we Christians need to stand and work together, regardless of differences on secondary issues. (like tongues, security of believer, eschatology, mode of baptism, etc.etc.etc.)

We are brothers and sisters in Christ; but not identical twins.

And we need to march and work hand-in-hand, even if we don’t see eye-to-eye on secondary issues.

To clarify…I’m not talking “why can’t we all be friends” ecumenacalism.

There are professing “Christians” who I wouldn’t call on for silent prayer.

Those who deny the exclusivity of the gospel; those who deny the virgin birth; those who deny the resurrection; those who deny repentance/faith; etc etc etc are excluded.

But of those who agree on the essentials – who cares who “wins”?

Who cares who has the largest in number denomination?

Who cares who has the coolest music?

Who cares who baptizes another way than “we” do?

Who cares whether someone is pre-trib; post-trib; mid-trib; or don’t-give-a-trib?

We really do, we really do, we really do, need each other.

And the Victor is not us.

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