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Though I recognize that every situation, every moment gives me two basic opportunities – to worship or to whine – I do slip into whining now and then.

Why hasn’t my house sold yet? Why are some people so stinking legalistic while loveless? These are a couple whine-issues.

Yesterday morning I was reading the Word and got slapped, lovingly, by the Spirit as I looked at 1 Chronicles 17.16, “Who am I, O Lord God, and what is my house, that You have brought me thus far?”

The Lord has brought me and my family “thus far” in our pilgrimage of faith (just as He has you…), and how dare I (we?) whine?

Among other things, He has called me to Himself, forgiven me, justified me, called me to ministry, allowed me to “brag on Jesus” vocationally for almost three decades, given me a wonderful wife and four incredible children…

Whine? Forgive me, Lord…the One who has “brought me thus far…”

I look forward, in faith and trust and assurance, to the next steps.

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