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Where ya been, Jack?

The last several months have been tough...and remain so.

Due to inappropriate actions and decisions, Midland's Executive Director was told to resign. A couple other staff members were dismissed.

I had no clue or indication that such actions would be necessary.

Several individuals are spreading lies, half-truths, inaccurate tales of what did and did not happen.

And, yeah, I let it get to me.

Hard to discern which is my seasonal depression and which is stuff caused by this mess.

Regardless, I've been "stuck," and wondering about the future.

Still wondering about the future; but I refuse to remain stuck.

By His grace I never lost faith. I believe/know that God is sovereign. I know He will fulfill His purposes for me. And...yes...I know the "all" of Romans 8.28 means "all."

So I may be writing more on this blog.

Thanks for checking in..

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