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What the Heck is a “good” Christian?

I’ve known Tommy (not real name) for over a decade, since he was perhaps a freshman in high school. He was heavily involved in his church and our ministry, was a competitive Bible quizzer; and during his college years he often volunteered to serve in various ministry capacities. Tommy at one point was seriously considering trying to join Midland staff full-time.

We had long, interesting discussions; prayed together, served together.

I do not know if Tommy considers me a friend now (though we remain Facebook “friends”)

My blood pressure escalated a couple hours ago when I noticed a writing he posted on Facebook.

This is what he published:

“You can’t say all lives matter and then vote for someone who dismisses black lives. You can’t be pro-life and then vote for someone who is anti-black. You can’t be a good Christian and a Trumpian.”

I started to write a response on his page; but God’s Spirit caused me to pause. I knew and know I could not change his mind; I knew it could just escalate into a long back and forth. I am currently 10 hours from home speaking at a camp; and I travel for another two weeks. Once home I am going to try to have a face-to-face with him

But…his cited writing is, well, idiotic, prideful, and hypocritical (besides, what is a “good Christian?)

“Oh, Jack, you’re being judgmental.”

Well, no. In this case, anyway, I am “judging righteous judgment,” which is what Jesus commands.

Because Tommy, who is married, recently rejoicingly “came out” publicly (on Facebook). with these words:

“When you’re proud of something you let people know about it. On the anniversary of stonewall I want to come out as bisexual and proud of it!”

For a long time he has promoted and applauded the LBGetc agenda and people. And now he has “come out of the closet.”

And he is proclaiming and defining who is a “good” Christian? (Whatever that is)


It is probable this will get back to “Tommy” since I have other facebook friends who are in his camp.

But that’s okay. I still am hopeful to have a face-to-face with him.

And…by the way…I am not a huge Trump fan. Yes, I voted for him; it is probable I will again…though not absolute. I may go third-party. I would not want Trump for a friend. (that should infuriate some of you!)

But no one has the right nor authority to define who is or isn’t a “good” Christian…much less to base such a diagnosis on one’s politics.

End of rant.

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