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Voting Does NOT Indicate Salvation

There is a new form of salvation by works floating around in increasing measure.

This form states that you are saved if you repent from sin and trust the completed work of the Lord Jesus AND vote a certain way (most often republican, but not always).

No, most don’t flat out say or type that…but the implication is crystal.

Any type of “you gotta be this way or you are not saved” is whacked and indicates an ignorance of the gospel message.

Can you be a Christian and vote democrat?

Can y0u be a Christian and vote republican?

Can you be an American Christian and not vote?

Can you be a Christian and be prochoice?

Can you be a Christian and not oppose same sex marriage?

Can you be a Christian and do whatever your sin issue is?

The answer to all those questions is “yes.”

We can argue maturity, we can argue the particular issue, but you can not determine someone’s salvation by their viewpoint one on particular thing – regardless of how tragically wrong you think they are.

R C Sproul addresses the issue this way:

“As we preach the Gospel to our friends and neighbors we must always stress grace, otherwise we can convert people to a Christianized form of moralism that implies it is possible for us to get right with God through our own works. The Gospel does demand a change of life, but this change of life is empowered by grace and occurs subsequent to conversion. If we are not stressing the priority of grace, we are no better than the first-century Pharisees.”

By the way, isn’t it amazing how much more we expect of new/young Christians than we did (or do) expect of ourselves???

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