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>Vitalness of "Personal Responsibility"


Christ invaded my life while I was in jail. Months later I was sentenced to prison. During those days I learned that one of the chief failings of the laughingly-referred to “criminal justice” system is that the very system meant to help programs inmates to fail.


By giving them excuses for their behavior. The system told me I was incarcerated because I had a bad attitude because of my service in Vietnam. They might tell another inmate that being a minority was his downfall; or his parents’ divorce; or his economic status. Certainly these factors contribute, but Jack went to prison because Jack made some rather dumb choices!

The most disgusting phrase in our culture is, “It’s not my fault.”

I’m reading Chuck Colson’s newest book, “The Faith.” Thus far it is a very good read (and, if you have a desire, you will see it listed in the top left-hand column as one of “Jack’s Picks”)

Just read this sentence…which, like much of Colson’s stuff…is so patently obvious; yet I’ve never thought of it in precisely this way:

“And you get God wrong because without human responsibility there is no need for a Savior.”

Ponder that for a while…

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