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>"Vintage Jesus" Recommendation

> Brandon Ebel is the president of Tooth and Nail Records. Here’s what he says about “Vintage Jesus” by Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears (Crossway), “In a society where the Nicene Creed doesn’t hold as much water as a tall Americano, (the authors) take an unabashed stance on biblical theology that comes as a refreshing yet timeless hyssop in response to a Christian sociological breakdown of truths.”

Matt Lindland won a silver medal in wrestling at the 2000 Olympics and a top-ranked mixed martial arts fighter. Here’s what he says about the book, “This book presents an honest view of Jesus without giving in to the pressure to soften Him up…This is a Savior worth fighting for.”

Bruce Ware is a theology professor, and he says, “Driscoll and Breshears uphold cherished realities that others in our day, sadly, despise and discard.”

How’s that for a trio of recommendations?

Here’s mine – BUY THE BOOK! Read it! You’ll laugh, you’ll be shocked, you’ll learn. And, if you buy it off the link contained here, I’ll make a few pennies…but that is not the important thing…

Here’s a couple quick quotes from the book that I underlined (but just about every page has several underlined passages!)

“No one is more loved and hated than Jesus Christ.”

“Interestingly enough, the demons have some of the highest Christology in the gospels.”

“Sadly, in our day there are even pastors and Christian leaders who lack the courage to simply say what Jesus said and declare Him to be the only way to heaven.”

I also love the note the authors put at the front of the book – “This book is dedicated to anyone who takes Jesus seriously, but not themselves.” And, yeah, I hope and pray that applies to me!

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