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>The “only” difference between this week in Polo, Mo and the other camps that I do is that I know the vast majority of these campers as they are, for the most part, involved in Midland Ministries.

In other camps I know many of the campers (repeat offenders!) from years past, but this one allows me to interact with students with whom I have an ongoing relationship, rather than just once every couple years (other than internet – blog, facebook, twitter, etc)

So tonight we will address the topic of “family.” And in the audience will be a young girl who, less than a year ago, saw the aftermath of her mother killing her dad. There will be students whose introduction to drugs came at the hands of their “parents.” (there is no such thing as an illegitimate child; there are far too many illegitimate parents). There will be the “normal” herd of teens who do the “every-other-weekend-thing.”

And, thankfully, there will be many students who live in a home where Mom and Dad love each other, love their children, and love the Lord.

Pray with us that the God of all comfort is very present tonight; that students in screwed-up homes realize they can break the chain, and that teens in good and Godly homes are encouraged to thank their Lord, as well as their parents; and will realize “to those whom much has been given, much will be required.”

As always, thank you for praying. Pray also that I, and all of us in vocational youth ministry, don’t get hardened to all this, pardon me, crap.

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