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>Ultimate Refuge

>“You have offended the infinite God with your sins, but an infinite price has been paid. You ought to be judged for your sins, but the Son of God has already been judged for the sins of the whole world, which He received in Himself. Your sins ought to be punished, but God already punished them in His Son. The wounds from your sins are great, but more precious is the balm of the blood of Christ.

Moses pronounces a curse against you (Deu 27:26), because you have not kept everything that has been written in the book of the law, but Christ has been made a curse for you (Gal 3:13). The handwriting has been written against you in the court of heaven, but Christ’s blood has deleted that (Col 2:14).

Therefore, your passion, O loving Christ, is my ultimate refuge.”

—Johann Gerhard

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