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Two Jacks…

Nope, we’re not talking poker…

We are talking two Jacks…as in a pair of Jack Hagers.

As most of you should know, for several years I have been coping with what has been diagnosed as “seasonal depression.” Jane says she noticed a bit of a change not long after my eye injury (which happened on July 8, 2009 [I easily remember this: 7.8.9]}; I recognized something was goofy perhaps five years ago (which is about the same time our daughter did a 180…a path on which she sadly continues).

Somewhere in late October, virtually overnight, I would slip into what I can only call a “fog.” My normal energy level would crash, focusing on tasks became difficult, I was perpetually sluggish, noncommunicative. Then, in April; again – overnight – I’d pop back into “normal” Jack.

Five years ago I did go to VA doc. Physical revealed all was well, suggested I talk to a psychiatrist; who said she “thought” it was seasonal depression.

Certainly it is seasonal…and I guess it is depression. Never wanted to eat a bullet, just felt like I was in a perpetual fog…no other descriptive words come to mind.

I was prescribed a mild medication…and lately I’ve boosted it with a non-prescription supplement that was recommended by a friend.

me and emds

Last year I made my slide the night day light savings time ended. So part of me wonders if it is a head trip of some kind other than depression? Then, in mid-April…BANG…went to bed in a fog and woke up and instantly knew it was gone…

Whacky, huh? And so minor compared to what so many go through…

But, it is like puppy love…puppy love is real to the puppies.

And this fog stuff stinketh.

Thankfully the fog gets a bit thinner each year…this verified by Jane. So I pray that it evaporates completely. And I’d sure like you to pray with me in that regard.

I’d be glad to listen to any suggestions you have…other than “just declare victory, Jack.” I’d even dab a drop of oil on if so recommended!

In all of this I know God is totally in control. Nothing comes in my life…or yours…that doesn’t cross His desk first.

Yeah…I am convinced…and increasingly convinced…that God is absolutely sovereign in the affairs of man…but in no way does that imply that I “get it.”

And that is cool.

Because the message of the Bible is really pretty simple:

God is God.

I’m not.

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