• Jack Hager

Tuesday Throwback Tune

Yeah, I know..it is Wednesday.

Early yesterday I began driving, heading to Rhinelander, Wi for an extended weekend of camp ministry…so I kinda forgot.

But now I remembered…so I share an oldie…well do I remember the days when people made a living preaching against “Christian rock” (classic line – “It makes as much sense to say ‘christian rock’ as it does to say ‘heavenly devil'”)…to include Amy Grant, 2nd Chapter of Acts and…of course…the band I heard somebody once call Satan’s favorite – Petra.

Oh, and, by the way, I had to endure more than one railing ‘sermon’ against secular music of any type and rock in particular…and often thought how racist; as the people I heard decrying such music called it “jungle music.” Wow.

Anyway, here’s an oldie from Petra:

And, as an added bonus, here’s the band more-than-a-few-years-later:

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