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Truth Stupidity

The first time I read the idiotic joining of words was August 13, 2004.

I was speaking at a camp of all KoreanAmerican teens near Quakertown, Pa. One of the counselors went into town on an errand and was good enough to bring me a copy of USA Today.

In it I read of New Jersey Governor James McGreevey's resignation. Seems the married father had been "outed," and back then that was a no-no, so he (to his credit) resigned.

Then he crashed by saying, "At a point in every person's life one has to look deeply into the mirror of one's soul and decide one's unique truth - Not as we may want to see it or hope to see it - but as it is. And so, my truth is that I'm a gay American."

I am not writing about homosexuality. I am not writing about a man abandoning his family.

I am writing about idiotic phraseology...that I hope you noticed: "one's unique truth" and "my truth."

I am not writing as a stumbling follower of Jesus Christ; I am writing as someone with an IQ at least three points higher than plant life.

Truth is truth. You nor I do not have a "unique" or personal truth. Gravity is gravity whether you like it or not. The earth is round; though "your truth" may say it is ain't!

Of course as a stumbling follower of Christ I have a relationship with THE truth (John 14.6); but whether you have trusted Jesus or not...surely you recognize you can't pick your own truth? Can you?

By the way, later President Bill Clinton said, "We're redefining in practical terms the immutable ideas that have guided us." (emphasis added)

Ah...Bill...the dictionary defines thusly: "The meaning of IMMUTABLE is not capable of or susceptible to change."

Truth is truth period.

Writing this reminded me of this great video:

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