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>Tribute to Moms – and a Sigh of Relief!


(turn off, or pause, my music list left hand column before playing video) For a few weeks in July I did the Mister Mom thing…a real switch, as usually I am on the road speaking and Jane stays home to take care of everything. But between the wedding in Massachusetts and the trip to Florida to be with her Dad while he underwent tons of medical tests, it was me and Jacob for the first part, and me and Janelle and Jacob for the latter. Whew!

Meals, laundry, cleaning, keeping track of kids…and all the rest…yikes! I’ve always appreciated the work Jane does…I just have more empathy now!

On Tuesday Jane flies to California for a week to be with her youngest sister, whose oldest (of eight) child (17) died very early Saturday in a car accident…She will stay a week; so after camp concludes here at Penn York Thursday I’ll again be Mister Mom for a few days…what a privilege, responsibility, and, yes, joy!

Proverbs 31 takes on a deeper meaning!

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