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>Timely Insight (for me) from a Great Devotional

>This morning’s reading from Great Days with the Great Lives by Chuck Swindoll focuses on Moses feelings as the Lord commanded him to go to Pharaoh.(Ex 5.22 – 6.12) As you recall, Moses felt woefully inadequate, unqualified, and, well, scared!

Here’s the section that both rebuked and encouraged me:

“I’d like to underline a major truth in this world of ours that I don;’t pretend to understand. Here it is: the best framework for the Lord God to do His most ideal work is when things are absolutely impossible and we feel totally unqualified to handle it. That’s His favorite circumstance. Those are His ideal working conditions… Time after time, He brings us to our absolute end and then proves Himself faithful. That, my friend, is not only the story of my life, it’s the story of the Bible in a nutshell.”

If you are in the market for a devotional to supplement (NOT take the place of) your Bible reading; I highly recommend this book:

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