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  • Jack Hager

>Thoughts on Church Hunting

>With the move from NY to MO, the top item of business is to find a church to call home. We have visited a few, none “bad,” but none appear (yet) to be right fit.

A couple churches fell into the “less than ideal” category simply by being either rude, inefficient, or both. I called one asking for details on their CHRISTmas eve service on Dec 22, and never got an answer. I called two others to ask about children’s ministry; got no answer in a three day period.

I know many churches don’t have paid secretarial staff; but if you aren’t going to answer your messages, don’t give the option. There may be a lot of excuses, but there are no reasons for rudeness. In the case of the CHRISTmas eve question, even if they for some reason didn’t get the message until after the fact, a twenty second “I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you; our offices were closed for the week” or something like that would have helped.

Churches, like people, never have a second chance to make a good first impression.

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